Shimano Piece Trolling Rod

Shimano-Piece-Trolling-8-Feet-250Product Introduction

Fishing is not only a great hobby but it is an apt stress buster too. Fishing can be fun if there is good equipment. Malfunctioning or inadequate equipment can make the fun of fishing just vanish through roof. Hence the Shimano Piece Trolling Rod comes as a big relief. It is convenient and fit for fruitful fishing. It is a product designed by those who have been professional fishing experts and hence it just apt for a remarkable fishing experience. The Shimano trolling rods are strong, durable and convenient, which are essential features that a perfect trolling rod should possess.

Product Details

Shimano trolling rods are apt additions to any trolling applications. Built by experienced rod specialists, these trolling rods have what it takes for a content fishing experience. Shimano’s TDR Trolling rod series are what any aspiring fisherman should look for.

The Shimano Piece Trolling Rod is abundant with these features:

  • Stainless Steel frames
  • Firmer EVA Reargrip that enables users to hold the rod firmly even during a big catch
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Easier EVA foregrip
  • Strengthened aluminum oxide guides
  • One year limited lifetime warranty

With a length of 7 inches and medium heavy power and rear grip length of 12 inches, the Shimano Piece Trolling Rod is in such a condition that they seem custom made for your fishing experience.


The advantages of Shimano trolling rods are manifold. Shimano Piece Trolling Rod has features that are just perfect for a perfect trolling rod. Also, its length and weight make it possible to glide well through any catch.

These are some of the advantages that these trolling rods offer:

  • Light in weight
  • Super strong rod
  • Durable
  • Well balanced
  • Enough for a small catch but worthy of a bigger one too
  • Well built
  • Apt for catching fresh water fish such as mackerel, salmon and tunas also.
  • Offers exceptional holder grip

The Shimano Piece Trolling Rod has such a sensitive tip that you know the minute a fish bites and you are ready to pull it off. The rod with its strengthened aluminum oxide and frames built from stainless steel is strong enough to pull a bigger catch too. Thus these rods work amiably in all conditions.

The rods have perfect strength and durability but at the same time, they are light in weight and thus convenient to be ported. Since fishing rods need to be portable, a light weight yet strong and durable Shimano trolling rods are just the perfect need for a peaceful fishing trip.

Another great advantage of these trolling rods is that it is available both offline and online. And if ordered through sites such as Amazon, the buyer gets additional discounts. So, it is a great online buy.

Often, a fishing rod has to be heavy weight to be durable but that made porting or carrying it a great difficulty and then, if one chooses a light weight one, that weren’t durable. So there was always a confusion about which trolling rods to buy because if one feature was good, then there was another that wasn’t suitable.

Hence the Shimano trolling rods come as a reprieve because it has all the features what one wants. It is portable with its light weight but at the same it has enormous strength and also it is durable. The biggest plus point is the affordable price tag.


The Shimano Piece Trolling Rod isn’t suitable for salt water fishing. These rods work well for amateur fishing persons and not the professional ones who have to go out deep in the sea for their fresh catches.

Those who look forward to their weekend fresh water fishing trips with family and friends, the Shimano trolling rod are perfect though.


The most important component for a fishing trip is the necessity of good equipment. The Shimano fishing rods do not disappoint in that segment. For those who like to spend their time once in a while fishing, these rods are apt since they aren’t expensive like other rods yet are durable and functional. It is definitely worth a try. Since these aren’t very expensive and also its size and weight are convenient to be used by any member of the family, fishing now becomes a real family activity.


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