Okuma Classic Pro Cpm-90m-ct 9′ Chartruese Tip Trolling Rods

OKUMA CLASSIC PRO CPM-90M-CT 9-250Product Introduction

Okuma is a leading and trusted brand in fishing rods. The series in Okuma Trolling rods have 4 models with different dimensions and thus choosers have lot more to pick up from. The design and utility of the Okuma classic PRO CPM-90M-CT 9’ chartruese tip trolling rods are high-end, thus providing luxury with functionality.

Product Details

The Okuma classic PRO CPM-90M-CT 9’ chartruese tip trolling rods have 4 models in all. Two are medium powered and the remaining two are medium heavy. The length available is 7 inches, 8’6”, 9’ and 10 inches. The series are suitable for catfishing as well as low light trolling and thus are well versed in multi purposes.

OKUMA 90M-CT 9-3001Some of their noteworthy features are:

  • EVA foregrip is in the shape of a triangle
  • The shrink tube butt made of rubber makes it convenient removal of rod holder
  • The hook keepers made of stainless steel make it strong and thus durable
  • The guide frames are also made of stainless steel, thus offering strength and the titanium oxide guide makes it more durable
  • There is also the provision of e-glass downright structure which provides durability
  • The guides welded in stainless steel has copper line rod
  • All the casting guides have the facility of double foot construction
  • The rods are fitted with custom mirror complete structure


Okuma is a trusted name in the field of fishing accessories. The name itself makes it worthy enough to have a look at the trolling rods. The construction of the Okuma trolling rods is such that they are best suitable for amateur fishing enthusiasts.

That does not mean those who are good at fishing shouldn’t be trying the okuma trolling rods. These rods work well for those who have just started fishing and those who have been following it without fail.

The tip is much sensitive and that helps because whenever a fish bites the bait, there is strong signal about it and that is good time to pull your act together. The blank is made from glass fiber and the reel seat is made of steel which lends the extra energy and strength.

The pole is strong enough to even hold bigger catches. Since it is made from stainless steel, it is well suited to live a longer life even amidst damp and salty surroundings.

The detailed attention to each of its part and the combination of science with modern design are the plus points of Okuma classic PRO CPM-90M-CT 9’ chartruese tip trolling rods. A good combination of technology and avid interest in fishing – this combination comes into play when anglers use the Okuma trolling rods.

Additional advantages that can be counted on are:

OKUMA 90M-CT 9-300

  • Good construction
  • Amazing price
  • Rod holders that can be held and operated smoothly
  • The triangular EVA foregrip fit enough for a strong grip and thus there is no need for more twisting of the rod
  • Rear grips with shrink tube for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • More sensitivity
  • An efficient tip that can gauge even slight movements
  • Provision of all-graphite shaft
  • Light weight


A disadvantage of the Okuma trolling rods is when using it for the first time, the grip may feel stubborn but gradually it works well. Expert anglers might initially find it little stiff to handle but over time this problem too gets solved. Overall, the trolling rods are made with fine quality in mind and are so light weight that it is not at all difficult to manage. The first time anglers will have surely a lot of fun with Okuma trolling rods.


High-end technology, sensitive tip, light weight, modern and scientific features and all this in Okuma trolling rods and thus it really is worth a buy. For those who are planning to buy a fishing gear for the first time should definitely opt for Okuma trolling rods. The trolling rods are designed in such a way that even minute details such as easy cleaning are meticulously fitted in .

The Okuma classic PRO CPM-90M-CT 9’ chartruese tip trolling rods are not just attractive in terms of design and construction, they are meant to live a long life because they can easily adapt to the wet and salty conditions. Hence for those who are looking at a comfortable fishing rod that offers convenience, strength and durability, the Okuma trolling rods should be definitely on their priority list.


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