OKUMA Classic PRO CP-LC-70-CT 7′ Chartruese Tip Trolling Rods

OKUMA CLASSIC PRO CP-LC-70-CT 300Product Introduction

Okuma continues to offer innovative and dynamic trolling rods for a relishing fishing experience. These rods are meant to be used in both saltwater and freshwater anglers. Okuma trolling rods are made with advanced material, progressive shape and with the inputs given by the customers as per their needs. These rods can be used on and off the water as they are light weight and created for fast action with latest features which are made to last long. The different variety of Okuma trolling rods are used for trapping tuna, marlin, bass, stripers, trout, catfish, steelhead or salmon. Okuma Trolling rods are sold by hundreds only with authorized dealers across Canada and United States of America.

Product Details

Okuma Classic Pro GLT Series Trolling rods come with action packed features:

    • This is a specialty rod for catching striper and salmon


  • Guide frames made of stainless steel
  • Hook keepers made of stainless steel
  • E-glass blank construction
  • Titanium oxide guide inserts for durability
  • Copper line rod with welded guides made of stainless steel
  • Triangular EVA foregrip for firm grips with least rod twist
  • Rubber shrink tube butt for durability. It is also easy to clean and easy handling
  • For increased strength tip over butt ferrule connected
  • Double foot constructed casting guides
  • Telescopic precision trolling models
  • Custom mirror finish rod blank
  • Product dimension: 6 x 5 x 48 inches , Weight 2 pounds
  • Classic Pro GLT comes with 1 year warranty
  • The Okuma Classic Pro GLT series starts from a price range of $19.99


  • Classic Pro GLT comes in three models:
    • Classic Pro A – Standard pipe reel seat with shrink tube butt section, no gimbals
    • Classic Pro B – Standard pipe reel seat with shrink tube butt section, with gimbals
    • Classic Pro C – Trigger reel seat with shrink tube butt section, no gimbals

This makes easier for customers to choose as per the requirements:

  • Classic Pro GLT series also comes in other models like CCF-C-802M for Catfish, CCF-C-902M, CP-C-862M, CP-C-902M, CP-C-902MH, CP-CL-862M, CP-DD-1002M
  • Okuma Classic Pro Chartruese Tip trolling rod is very well liked for its use. It can be used for many fishing applications like cat fishing and low light trolling.
  • Okuma Trolling rods can be bifurcated further with Rod power, Rod taper, Rod length, Line weight, Sections, fore grip length, Rear grip length, Number of guides, Handle style, Weight and Price.
  • Okuma Trolling rods are individually made for Catfish, Salmon Rods, Copper/Leadcore Trolling, Dipsy Diver, Downrigger, Precision Trolling, Salmon Jetty/Pier Snipping, Striper Live Bait ”Down Fishing” and Striper Umbrella Rig.
  • Okuma trolling rods are made for giving improved performance every day
  • The Okuma trolling rods are meant for freshwater and saltwater fishing


  • Using trollers, is not easy; it is an art which requires attention to detail and experience to master it. It is important to learn fishing technique before one goes out on a mission.
  • Amongst a wide variety of options available it is sometimes overwhelming to choose
  • Beginners are unable to decide the type of trolling rods for short distance and long distance fishing


Okuma Trolling Rods provide full service warranty and hence offer customer service to all its customers. For repair services customers can contact the authorized dealer or the service centers located nearby. Okuma has a nationwide network of authorized centers. For locations of service centers, customers can visit the website. Okuma Trolling rods are manufactured to inspire the passion for fishing.


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