OKIAYA Composit 30-80LB Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod


For those who have waited for quality trolling rods but at a lesser rate than others, then here is Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rods for them. These rods are built with fine quality and with the latest technology which make it the perfect trolling rods. These trolling rods are the latest from Okiaya and hence suited for today’s fishing needs. These rods are cheaper compared to other rods offering the same functions and perhaps that factor does work in its favor.

Product Details

Looking at Okiaya trolling rods, one can notice the strong construction and the attractive design. This double combination makes it ‘the neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride’. Though the brand is new, the quality seems tried and tested and one can come to the conclusion after going through its features and highlights. Some of the eminent features of Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rods are:


  • The convenient length of 5 feet 6 inches
  • Built of stainless steel
  • Roller guides
  • Roller tip
  • Made from aircraft grade alloys which makes it strong and durable
  • The shaft made from composite fiber, thus providing maximum sensitivity
  • Strong and efficient rollers made from stainless steel
  • Long-lasting hardware


The biggest plus point is that the Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rod meets the IGFA standards and that means this rod is ready to participate in any big competitions. This product if ordered online from Amazon comes with an Okiaya rod cover.

The biggest advantage of Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rod is its pricing. One will have to pay double or triple the amount if one will opt for same kind of rod but from other brands. That means, with the money one would have kept buying a resale rod; he gets a brand new trolling rod. That really doesn’t mean compromise on quality.

Some more advantages that work in its favor are:

  • Stainless steel built
  • Fine finishing
  • Stout and strong and able to hold any catch
  • Affordable pricing
  • Gimbal butt made of aluminum with a plastic cap that can be used to cover it when not using a chair

Two main features that make it suitable for sea water fishing are that it has a sensitive tip that can detect the mere presence of any fish on the bait and a power on the butt for stronger resistance. The length is also a plus point which makes it convenient for use and can be carried from one place to another.

Though listed under seat water fishing, the Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rod can be used in fresh water also. It is light in weight as it weighs just 30-80 lb and thus easily portable. The rod is strong and strong enough to withhold pressures, wear and tear. That means the rod is pretty durable.

The Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rod is good enough for bigger catches. The rod will be particularly handy to catch sailfish too. Another advantage is that it is able to catch fish double its weight. A super rod, one can say.

It is durable as it has a strong stainless steel body and parts made from it. Stainless steel can withstand salty and humid conditions; hence the rod really works for a long time without giving away to external conditions.


Okiaya is relatively an unknown brand and hence many may be sceptical. The price here plays the crucial factor and hence many will opt for this one but despite the low price and the unknown name, the Okiaya trolling rods are definitely high on functionality which is worth trying out though.

The Okiaya trolling rods work both in the price factor and also good quality.


At the end of the day, it is not the name that matters but the fact that how a certain product works in the long run. In that respect the Okiaya composit 30-80LB saltwater big game roller rod is worth it. It has all the functions and quality of any other rod worth the same capacity but it also comes at a lower price compared to other rods. Thus it is definitely worth trying the rod for it does offer strength, durability, light weight product, perfect length and modern technology and attractive design.


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