Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod

Lamiglas Classic Glass-1Product Introduction

Traditional designs but modern usage and that is the Lamiglas Classic trolling rods are all about. These rods are great equipment for fishing in boats. Since a series is available in Lamiglas classic trolling rods, one can choose any equipment that suits his need and usage. Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rodis custom made to fit in with downrigger experience and does not fail to impress.

Product Details

The Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod can be of utmost useful to pad pullers and downrigger anglers. Even back trollers and herring trollers can rely on the Lamiglas classic glass downrigger and trolling rod to meet their expectations. The modest action glass rods make it possible for the fish to hold on to the bait and at the same time, results in a strong hook-up, which is the most important feature in a fishing rod.

The following features are what make them a cut above the rest:Lamiglas Classic

  • The physical body with a rich chocolate brown color and a copper trim along with it, makes them attractive to look at
  • The classic trolling rod series are well designed especially for downriggers, who like to keep it simple but glide away in water.
  • A rod that is built as a perfect bait casting one
  • The Lamiglas classic trolling rods are good enough for salmon downrigger
  • Simple premise with high functionality
  • Apt for kokanee and trout fishing too


For downriggers and trollers, the Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod is just what the doctor ordered. Its advantages are many:Lamiglas Classic Glass

  • Designed for downriggers
  • It has the perfect length suitable for downrigger trolling
  • The Lamiglas classic trolling rods are flexible and thus convenient to be used
  • Strong enough for any catch
  • Can be used for kokanee, trout, and salmon fishing

When used in a river, the Lamiglas classic trolling rods works well with a diver or a weight and even when used in oceans, the trolling rods work efficiently. That is the dual purpose or dual advantages of Lamiglas classic trolling rods. With its perfect length and flexibility, the Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod is great work fine for flat-line trolling too. It also has a great tip strong enough to hook the catch to the bait.

Whoever said fishing rods need not to be attractive are wrong. A well styled and attractive trolling rod adds to the joy of fishing. The Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod has a great finishing and the cork too is in a perfect look and condition, thus they can be kept very proudly at home, even as a matter of pride, along with your catch.

There is also no need to look out for dealers or sellers of Lamiglas classic trolling rods since it can be bought online. Online purchases are great because of the discounts they offer. Sites such as Amazon have great deals in Lamiglas classic trolling rods. CG 70 DR is the new addition to the series and its light weight makes it apt for kokanne salmon. The other series CG 86 MHS is a spinning rod. All these rods have traditional styling and that is an added advantage.


There aren’t many disadvantages to the series in Lamiglas classic trolling rods, yet one factor that can be decisive might be the design and makeup. Those who prefer any specific color or design might be little disappointed. But for those who are looking at equipment that can work well both in fresh water and sea, can well go for the Lamiglas classic trolling rods. Since it is perfect for downriggers, it can be used without much difficulty since it is strong and flexible, two main points for a perfect trolling rod.


A discounted price, great appearance, perfect for anglers and downriggers and strength and durability, these are the factors associated with Lamiglas classic trolling rods and if this isn’t a perfect buy, then one wonders what is. So many features, well fitted to be a perfect trolling rod, the Lamiglas Classic Glass Downrigger and Trolling Rod is definitely a great buy for those who like to go sea fishing. The design and structure of the classic trolling rods make it not only convenient for sea and boat fishing; the look is too attractive to be missed. Hence it is not a loss and those who buy it won’t be disappointed since these rods have more advantages and not much real disadvantage


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