Daiwa Accudepth 2 Piece Salmon-Steelhead Downrigger Trolling Rod

Daiwa Accudepth 2 Piece Salmon-Steelhead Downrigger Trolling Rod1Product Introduction

A trolling rod is a tackle or equipment used for fishing. There are different fishing tackles like hooks, trolling rods, reels, lures, waders, nets, bats etc., which can be used as per the fishing technique. Daiwa trolling rods are manufactured by Daiwa which is the world’s largest manufacturer of fishing tackles. The Daiwa trolling rods are meant to be used for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Daiwa specializes in fishing equipments such as reels, lures, rods, lines and accessories. With fishing equipments Daiwa also manufactures golf and biking gear.

Product Details

Daiwa Trolling Rods come with various different features:

  • Daiwa provides exceptional fishing gears for fishermen, but its Daiwa Accudepth 2 Piece Salmon-Steelhead Downrigger Trolling Rod is designed especially for Salmon and Steelhead downriggers
  • Daiwa Accudepth is a specialty rod with specialized trolling actions
  • It has a multipurpose hook keeper
  • It comes in 2 piece composite blank
  • It also features graphite composite blank construction which is powerful and resilient for shock loads
  • It has cut-proof aluminum oxide guides
  • Comes with air foam grips and hook keeper
  • The product has medium power, 8 1/2; length, for line weight 10# – 25# and 10 guides
  • The above Daiwa trolling rod has model number ADDR86-24 and was manufactured in the year 2010
  • Smooth guides
  • High performance E-Glass featured
  • Ideal for fishing extensive range of fishes


  • The price of Daiwa Trolling Rods ranges from $21.90 to $57.91; the price range is very low and can be afforded
  • It comes in different models for customer to choose as per requirement. Some of them are ADDR1062H, ADDR86-24, ADDR701M, ADDR762ML, ADDR802M, ADDR802ML, ADDR862M, ADDR862MH
  • Some other options in Daiwa trolling rods are – Daiwa Heartland HLD Trout Leadcore Trolling Rod, HLD-LC702M which costs at $49.99. Daiwa Heartland-HLD Downrigger Trolling Rods which come at $49.99. Daiwa Heartland HLD Dipsy Diver Trolling Rods which cost $49.99. Daiwa Heartland-HLD Downrigger Trolling Rod – 8’6″, Medium costs $49.99. Daiwa Heartland-HLD Wlleye Planer Board Rods costing $49.99Daiwa Accudepth 2 Piece Salmon-Steelhea111
  • Daiwa trolling rods come with key features, low price guarantee and can be shipped at the doorstep
  • All Daiwa trolling rods start from the lowest price range of $30.00 and can be bought up to $49.99
  • The length of Daiwa trolling rods starts from 7’0 to 10’6”
  • The Daiwa specialized trolling rods are fast action rods for lighter lures. These rods are suitable to be used in light wind with bait casting wheels
  • The easy Finance option is offered by some companies to buy Fishing tackles on conditions, which is an easy process and payment can be done in installments.


  • Daiwa trolling rods are available in a wide variety, which might confuse beginners on which one to buy
  • Trolling rods are meant for short distance and long distance for catching small and heavy fishes. Handling of trolling rods comes with experience and technique.


Daiwa trolling rods intend to suit perfectly for fishing needs. Especially Daiwa AccuDepth Reels and Daiwa AccuDepth Specialty Rods possess the specialized trolling actions for trapping steelhead, walleye angler and salmon. Daiwa trolling Rods come with action packed features for power and durability. The Daiwa trolling rods are available as per fishing needs like saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, fly or surf or jetty. Some other trolling rods available with Daiwa are Daiwa BFBT70XHR Beefstick Salt Water Trolling and Bottom Fishing Rod, Daiwa Walleye 8 Foot trolling rod, Daiwa Spinmatic trolling rod, DAIWA Wilderness Downrigger Rod, Daiwa Saltist Level wind trolling reels and Daiwa Saltist Boat conventional.


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